Geo Knight 3"x5" Curved Cap Bottom Heat Fixture

Geo Knight IncSKU: DKA-35BHT

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Compatible with DK7, DK7T, DC-CAP, DC7

  • Description

    • A bottom-heated 3" x 5" platen pedestal is available for all CAP Presses.

    • The heat pedestal is separately controlled.

    • It drops into the position where the standard ALL-THREAD table is located.

  • Purpose:

    • Ideal for preventing scorching and press marks from the top platen.

  • Applications:

    • Suitable for thick embroidered appliques.
    • Beneficial for certain lettering transfers.
    • Useful for other heat transfer and bonding applications.
  • Advantages:

    • Provides bottom heat to prevent scorching and searing of the top surface.
    • Especially useful for applications requiring heating from behind.

This configuration is recommended for situations where avoiding scorching and ensuring proper heat transfer is crucial, such as in thick embroidered appliques and specific lettering transfers. The separately controlled heat pedestal dropping into the standard ALL-THREAD table position enhances the versatility of the CAP Press for various bonding applications.

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