ASLAN® SC 123 SparkleColor™

Aslan®SKU: (SC-123 SIL)

Color: Silver (SC-123 SIL)
Size: 54" x 27 Yds
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ASLAN® SC 123 SparkleColor™

Glittering Self-Adhesive Decorative Film

SparkleColour ASLAN SC 123 is a dazzling choice with its 13.8 mils thick PET film embedded with glitter particles, creating an incredible sparkly effect. The exceptionally high concentration of glitter particles ensures optimal light reflection for a maximum sparkling impact. This film adds a touch of glamour to smooth surfaces, enhancing shop displays, architectural features, and trade show designs.

Ideal for use on glass, SparkleColour ASLAN SC 123 offers a double-sided color effect with only a slightly reduced glitter effect on the back. The transparent carrier film makes it easy to apply, ensuring a seamless process. With good lay-flat qualities thanks to the PE-coated liner on both sides, and ASLAN's excellent water-based adhesive system, this film bonds to glass with high transparency and exceptional color brilliance. Additionally, removal from glass and metal surfaces is residue-free, allowing for easy updates or replacements.

  • A generous amount of glitter particles, ensuring perfect light reflection for a maximized sparkling effect.
  • High-quality textured feel, adding to its overall appeal.
  • Very easy application, facilitating a seamless process. 
  • Clean removal without adhesive residues from surfaces like glass and metal. 
  • Very good plotting properties, with the film plotted from the back through the liner, requiring a mirrored design. 
  • Supplied with a surface protection film that also serves as the pre-mask, enhancing convenience during application.

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