Using the Cricut EasyPress

Heat Press or Iron-On for application of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?  While we always recommend a traditional heat press as being the best method for applying heat transfer vinyl, they can be costly and take up space. 

For some, using a hand iron is a quick and easy way to get started but often then don't heat hot enough to properly activate the adhesive on your Thermoflex Plus Vinyl.  When this happens, you risk the design falling off the garment when putting through the wash.  A perfect go-between option for those who don't have a heat press machine but still want a professional-grade transfer is to try the Easy Press from Cricut.  

Instructions on using the Cricut EasyPress

Supplies Needed:

Step 1:  Cut Out Your Material

Pick out the design you’d like to cut and grab your heat transfer vinyl. We recommend using ThermoFlex® Plus. ThermoFlex® Plus is the most trusted brand in the industry and when applied with the right heat and pressure, just melts into the fabric. 

Here's a free cut file for you to use. It’s available in both SVG and Studio3 file formats so you can use it on your Cricut or your Silhouette! 

Make sure you have the correct dimensions entered for your template. We're applying to a 12-month baby onesie today, so dimensions are set to 6" wide.


Step 2: Heat Up Your EasyPress

Let’s get that EasyPress turned on! Luckily, the EasyPress very much lives up to its name and it’s very easy to use.



Locate the power button on the left-hand side. To set temperature, click the “TEMP” button and use the + or – buttons to turn it up or down. To set the time, click “TIMER” and do the same thing.

For ThermoFlex® Plus, set your press to

Temp: 330° F

Time: 15 sec

The EasyPress will beep at you when it’s ready for use. The Cricut logo will glow red when it's preheating and green when it's ready for press. This process does not take long at all.  Make sure you have the machine on an appropriate surface for heating.

Step 3: Prep Materials for Pressing


Step 4: Press Your Design

Now it's time to press your design! First, pre-press your garment without the design. This smooths out wrinkles, evaporates any moisture that's in the fibers, and promotes optimal adhesion. Pre-press for about 5 seconds.

Then, line up your design for where you would like it placed on the garment. 



ThermoFlex® Plus has a sticky carrier, so it stays in place. Now it’s time to press your design! Remember to apply the right amount of pressure.  The pressure is just as important as heat!  


Here are some close-ups of the ThermoFlex® Plus after pressing with an EasyPress. The top picture does NOT have enough pressure. You can see the Plus has an uneven texture and looks lumpy. If your transfer looks like this after pressing, make sure you PRESS AGAIN and lean on it a little harder this time. Otherwise, it’ll just come off in the wash!

The second picture is ThermoFlex® Plus with the correct amount of pressure. When you press Thermoflex correctly, you can see the texture of the garment through the Plus. This is what we’re looking for in our press!








Once your press is prepared, carefully place your EasyPress on your design. Press the green Cricut button, which starts the timer, and apply pressure to the EasyPress. We leaned on it a bit to give it a little extra pressure. Once your timer goes off, remove the EasyPress and put it back on its base. ThermoFlex® Plus is a warm peel, then do a quick 2-second repress.  

Our onesie did have folds at the top that changed how our pressure was distributed- we did have to press a few times to get good adhesion and try a few different placements of the EasyPress. Our sample we pressed on a flat, even surface pressed perfectly fine the first time.


And that's it, we’re done! Our ThermoFlex® Plus is successfully adhered and ready to be worn!

While we always recommend a heat press to press your garments, because you can get a consistent, even pressure which will give you more consistent results. But the EasyPress is a great alternative for those just starting out!

Here at MPC Supply, don’t forget to check out ThermoFlex® Plus! We have an amazing selection and the best prices around!

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  

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