ASLAN® SE 71 ColorShift Vinyl

Aslan®SKU: (SE-71AL)

Color: Plasma (SE-71AL)
Size: 53" x 27 Yards
Sale price$ 534.00 Regular price$ 596.00


ASLAN® SE 71 ColorShift Vinyl

Opaque Dichroic Film with Four Effects

Explore the vivid world of ASLAN's ColourShift ASLAN SE 71 opaque films, inspired by the rich hues of our planets. These self-adhesive films bring a burst of color to both indoor and outdoor applications, making them the top choice for creating attention-grabbing plotted marketing statements, slogans, wall decals, logos, and more. The magic happens as the colors undergo a stunning, fluid change when viewed from different angles or under varying lighting conditions.

Bring your campaigns to life, ensuring that shops, exhibit stands, brands, and related items leave a lasting impression.

  • Four distinct opaque dichroic effects
  • A captivating and fluid color switch as you change the viewing angle or lighting conditions. 
  • Semi-permanent adhesive for versatile and lasting applications.

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