ASLAN® EBL 300 EtchedBoard Dryapply

Aslan®SKU: GDF EBL-300

Color: White Dryapply (EBL-300)
Size: 54" x 25 Yards
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ASLAN® EBL 300 EtchedBoard Dryapply

Glass Decoration Film with Whiteboard Surface for Easy, Dry Mounting

EtchedBoard Dryapply ASLAN EBL 300 is your go-to for transforming any glass surface into a writable whiteboard. No need for specialty markers—conventional whiteboard markers work seamlessly, and a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth erases the content. This self-adhesive glass decoration film not only offers writability but also features a subtle sandblasted look, creating a unique 2-in-1 effect.

Thanks to ASLAN Dryapply technology, installation is a breeze—dry-mount it easily, ensuring a smooth surface without any pesky air bubbles. Enhance your office spaces by adding writable presentation areas to transparent surfaces, turning them into functional whiteboards ready for immediate use.

  • A 2-in-1 solution: glass decoration film and whiteboard in one.
  • Easy dry-erasing of whiteboard marker writing with a microfiber cloth, leaving no shadows or ghosting. 
  • Dryapply technology with very fine air release channels for a quick and bubble-free application. 
  • The perfect blend of air release channels and adhesive, preventing stress whitening and allowing repositioning during application. 
  • mmediate removal of application tape after application. 
  • Easy removal of the film, even after several years. 
  • Easy removal of writing from unsuitable media (e.g., permanent marker) using alcohol-based cleaning products. 

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