ASLAN® PremiumColor™ C118 Soft

Size: 49" x 54 Yds
Color: Soft Gloss White (PCC-118 GW)
Sale price$ 674.50 Regular price$ 730.00


ASLAN® PremiumColor™ C118 Soft

Opaque Polymeric Colored Film for Long-Term Applications

PremiumColour ASLAN C 118 Soft is your go-to choice for high-quality lettering and brand-name graphics. This opaque polymeric film comes in 30 brilliant and two matte colors, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching designs. Specifically crafted for long-term decorations on vehicles, glass surfaces, and signs, it combines durability with aesthetic appeal. 

  • Wide range of colors: 30 glossy and 2 matte colors
  • Especially flexible film, hugging contours
  • Excellent plotting properties
  • Easy and fast weeding
  • High opacity
  • Long outdoor durability of 7 years

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