ASLAN® SE 70 ColorShift Vinyl

Aslan®SKU: (SE-70S)

Color: Solar (SE-70S)
Size: 54" x 54 Yards
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ASLAN® SE 70 ColorShift Vinyl

Transparent Dichroic Film with Two Effects

Elevate the aesthetics of your glass or flat surfaces with ASLAN's ColourShift ASLAN SE 70 self-adhesive dichroic films. These two transparent dyed films boast dynamic color shifts, creating mesmerizing effects depending on your viewing angle and lighting conditions.

Whether you prefer plotted designs or complete surface applications, these films are versatile for use both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for enhancing flat surfaces like shop windows, acrylic, POP/POS displays, and related items. Choose from the transparent options of ColourShift ASLAN SE 70 Solar (item no. 13141S) or Nebula (item no. 13140S) to play with unique color effects. Additionally, explore the equally stunning opaque effects of ColourShift ASLAN SE 71 Aurora, Alpha, Andromeda, and Plasma for a diverse range of eye-catching possibilities.

  • Two distinct transparent dyed dichroic effects. 
  • A mesmerizing and fluid switch of color as you change the viewing angle or lighting conditions. 
  • Perfect for reverse cut applications on glass, allowing for captivating double-sided effects.

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