ASLAN® CC 124 CaressColor™ Flock

Aslan®SKU: (CC-124 ANT)

Color: Antracite (CC-124 ANT)
Size: 54" x 27 Yds
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ASLAN® CC 124 CaressColor Vinyl

Flocked Self-Adhesive Decorative Film

CaressColor ASLAN CC 124 decorative film is a sophisticated choice, featuring a 1.97 mil thickness PET film with a lush flocked surface (15.7-17.7 mils) in a diverse color range. The densely applied high-quality flock fibers create an impressive soft, velvety feel, making it an ideal textural feature for smooth surfaces in shop fitting, architecture, and exhibit stand design.

Whether applied across entire surfaces, used for plotter cut graphics and logos, or combined with other decorative films, the effect is not only visually stunning but also sensual to the touch. The film exhibits excellent lay-flat qualities thanks to the silicone liner, PE-coated on both sides. ASLAN's water-based adhesive system ensures suitability for all interior applications, and its residue-free removal from glass and metal surfaces makes updates or replacements hassle-free.

  • Dense flocking delivering a lush and velvety texture.
  • High color fastness for enduring applications, with color effects visible on both sides.
  • Clean removal without residues from surfaces like glass and metal, attributed to ASLAN's innovative water-based adhesive system.
  • Excellent plotting properties and easy application facilitated by the high-quality silicone liner, PE-coated on both sides, and a material thickness of 15.7-17.7 mil.
  • PVC and plasticizer-free composition, aligning with eco-friendly practices.
  • Easy cleaning, with the added benefit of flock fibers being easily raised again for maintenance.

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