ASLAN® DFL 300 PrintEtched Dryapply

Aslan®SKU: 7292-2704-300

Color: Etched (DFL-300)
Size: 27" x 32.8 Ft
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ASLAN® DFL 300 PrintEtched Dryapply

Printable Glass Decoration Film with Etched Glass Effect for Easy Dry Application

PrintEtched Dryapply ASLAN DFL 300 is your solution for stunning glass decorations. This printable, self-adhesive film boasts an exclusive etched glass effect, creating eye-catching results on any glass surface. The addition of metallic pigments gives it a unique finish and a high-quality appearance. It's compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV curable, and screen-printing inks, ensuring versatility in your printing options.

Thanks to the innovative ASLAN Dryapply technology, application is quick and easy. The film's unique structure, featuring extremely fine air-release channels, guarantees a bubble-free dry application. Repositioning during application is a breeze, without the risk of damage (stress whitening). After application, the adhesive wets out, enhancing adhesive strength and making it suitable for long-term use.

  • Dryapply technology, ensuring exceptionally quick and bubble-free dry application with very fine air release channels.
  • A perfect combination of air release channels and adhesive that prevents stress whitening and allows for easy repositioning during application.
  • Immediate removal of application tape after application.
  • Easy removal of the film, even after several years.
  • Compatibility with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV-curing, and screen-printing inks for versatile printing options.
  • Suitable as both plotter and printing film.
  • Impressive outdoor durability, lasting up to 7 years.

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