Geo Knight 14"x16" (DK16A) AUTO Clamshell Heat Press

Size: 14" x 16 " Platen
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**Most orders ship within 2 weeks.  Geo Knight Heat Press do not qualify for free freight.  Shipping charges are billed separately once we find the cheapest way to ship your order! 

The DK16A is the Auto-Release version of the DK16 mid-sized clamshell.  The auto release feature allows the press to pop up automatically at the end of the digital time cycle.  This machine also features the "HOVER" feature.  This allowers the user to lower the handle without fully clamping which can be useful in curing purposes.  The press then will release automatically as usual after the timing cycle. 

This heat press allows users to load garments from the front or rear of the heat platen due to the upper table raising above and away from the lower platen.  The frame has a narrow base which allows full drape space underneath the loading area.  Ideal for shops with limited space or users who need maximum portibility.   


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