EP-76 Epoxy HDU Adhesive (1 Gal Kit)

Size: 1 Gal Kit
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EP-76 Epoxy HDU Adhesive is a two component epoxy bonding resin. It is designed to bond Precision Board Plus to itself to make longer, wider, or thicker pieces, sheets, or blocks. EP-76 HDU Adhesive is available with a separate container of PB Granules to allow variable consistency and ease of machining. EP-76 HDU Adhesive will not shrink and can be machined, drilled, tapped, sawed, and feathered to a zero edge. It contains no metallic fillers, is a non-conductor of electricity, and will not promote electrolysis.

EP-76 HDU Adhesive is suitable for interior and exterior exposure. The thickness consistency of EP-76 can be adjusted using PB-Granules to allow bonding of both horizontal and vertical surfaces. i.e.: edge bonding and sheet laminating. The durometer hardness and machinability of EP-76 can be adjusted and closely matched to the Precision Board densities by adding PB Granules as outlined in the PB EP-76 HDU Adhesive Product Data Sheet.


EP-76 HDU Adhesive Features

    • Permanently edge bond HDU sheets together to create sheets of virtually any size
    • Permanently laminate sheets and blocks to create desired thickness and shape
    • Match durometer hardness and machinabilty to the specific Precision Board Plus density
    • Waterproof bond line


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