SignLab V10 Print and Cut

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SignLab Print and Cut is the professional signmakers choice for every day design and production of digitally printed, vinyl cut, print/cut signs and graphics. It is used by thousands of Signmakers worldwide as the design and production hub of their business. While it enables today’s signmaker to design and produce every job in a single software package its true strength is in the integration of many other widely used design applications such as Corel, Illustrator and PhotoShop. SignLab Print and Cut is anchored by Visual Production Manager a simultaneous, multiple job queue that supports most printers, cutters and hybrid print/cut devices Mikmack Printeravailable today. Manufacturers supported include, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Summa, Gerber, Graphtec, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Canon and many others.

Key Benefits: 

  • Streamlined Workflow- Integrates all popular third party software applications into both the design as well as the production stages with seamless file transfers into either SignLab or Visual Production Manager
  • Unmatched Processing Speeds- Optimized file handling during the design process ensures fast application of special effects and edits to large graphics files as well as incredibly fast file processing during output and production.
  • Complete Bitmap and Vector Design Application- Although third party design applications and files from these applications are used by most shops on a regular basis, SignLab Print and Cut offers Signmakers the opportunity to simply use one simple design and production software packages for all bitmap and vector graphics. Why struggle with learning multiple products when you can easily become an expert in a single package that literally can do it all?

Ideal for:

Sign shops who currently produce digitally printed, print and cut or vinyl cut signage and graphics. Supports simultaneous, multiple output devices (printers, cutters and hybrid print/cut devices) and multiple queues. Great for design and production at all volume levels.

=====>Download a free trial version here!


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