ThermoFlex® Plus Heat Transfer Vinyl, 20" x 5 Yards

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  • $ 58.00

 20" x 5 Yards

ThermoFlex® Plus is a highly durable polyurethane heat transfer material.  ThermoFlex® Plus features a soft hand and strong grip when applied to the garment.  This heat transfer vinyl (aka T-Shirt Vinyl or Iron-on Vinyl) offers ease of weeding and simple application.  It will also outlast the life of the garment in most cases.

Works great on Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends, Polyester/Acrylic Blends, Linen & Wool.  

  • Matte finish - high-quality look and feel 
  • Extremely easy-weeding
  • Widest color selection in the industry
  • Beautiful screen-print like finish and soft touch
  • Easily layered
  • Will outlast the life of the garment.  50+ Washes

Application Instructions/Tech Info

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