Reflection Protection™ ---- Silver Reflective 19"

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Use Reflection Protection™ for nighttime visibility and brilliance in the spotlight.
Reflection Protection™ films consist of very small glass beads embedded in a layer of polyester film to reflect almost all the light that shines on them.

Reflection Protection™ is available in Certified Safety Reflective Colors, our Safety Silver collection. Safety Silver retro-reflective film produces a maximum reflectivity of 675 candela/lux/meter. 

Use Safety Silver for garments and other products used by police, firefighters, EMS, postal workers, traffic control, parking, utility, road, construction, security personnel, runners, bicyclists and motor bikers, among others.

Test on dazzle cloth, shiny polyester, and moisture-wicking materials.

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Reflection Protection™ ---- Silver Reflective 19"

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