Splash® Concentrate Application Fluid - (8oz Bottle)

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Splash® Concentrate Application Fluid - (8oz Bottle)

Splash® Concentrate Application Fluid - (8oz Bottle)

FREE Shipping over $75

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SPLASH® has been formulated to make applying vinyl lettering, decals and graphics easier, faster and safer.  SPLASH® eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles, and provides a clean work surface. Surface preparation is the key to successful application.  While SPLASH® may be used as a cleaning agent, it is not always adequate by itself. 


Splash® Application Techniques

Ideal temperature for applying vinyl is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

1) Pour 8 ounce bottle of SPLASH into 1 gallon bottle and add water to 1 gallon mark. mix well, then pour solution into a spray bottle for use.

2) Clean substrate (sign surface) with a commercial cleanser or SPLASH.

It is wise to assume that every surface is dirty and should be cleaned thoroughly before any transfer is made.

3) Place lettering (copy) on surface.

4) Remove backing then spray surface withSPLASH.

A clean surface will usually result in a good transfer.


5) Lay copy on wet surface, position squeegee down.

6) After two minutes either saturate transfer tape with SPLASH or proceed with dry removal of transfer tape.

Please read directions on SPLASH bottle completely.

7) Carefully remove transfer tape, pull down at 45 degrees.

8) Complete transfer by wiping area dry.

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